St. Bartholomew's we encourage every child to take part in our inclusive Sports provision and we pride ourselves to 'Do our best and have a go'. We follow our school values and the school sports values which coincide to make us the best sporting personalities in town! Our priority is to enjoy sport and challenge ourselves.

This year sees the beginning of lots of exciting new projects like 'Run a Marathon' and new after-school clubs, this will be more exciting and innovative . The School Sports Organising Crew (SSOC) has been selected and they will be asked to organise and lead intra competitions within school. A weekly meeting will take place and intra competitions will be decided upon based on the requests and skills of individuals and classes across the whole school.

News of new and upcoming events are on the Sports / PE noticeboard in the Year 3/6 corridor - please have a look. Any questions, please see your Sports Crew Leaders.

Sports Premium

At St Bartholomew's CE Primary School we have made a decision to use the majority of our Sports Premium funding to release our PE specialist.  This ensures  children from across the school have the opportunity to attend as many sports festivals or tournaments arranged within the Wyre Forest Sports Partnership.  In addition our  subject leader for Physical Education monitors PE lessons and also supports colleagues with the delivery of our revised PE curriculum.  Along with other colleagues this specialist has introduced Jumping Jax and the 'Run a Mile initiative.

To view our PE and Sport Premium Strategy Acton Plan 2023-24, please click here

To view our PE and Sport Premium Strategy 2023 End of Year Review, please click here


P.E. Specialist

Staff are supported to improve the quality of their teaching in PE

The confidence of staff to deliver quality PE lessons has been increased

Increased child participation and enjoyment in sport due to increased skill levels and game practice

Increased participation in inter school festivals and tournaments

Increased success in competitions at a local level

Sports Partnership Access

All lunch time supervisors have attended courses to ensure they encourage physical activity at break times

Children in year 4 and 5 are trained as Jumping Jax and are able to lead activities at lunch time

Staff have attended CPD within the Wyre Forest Schools Partnership to ensure they can improve their skills in identified areas of physical education

Our pupils have a wider access to a variety of competitions and festivals aimed at inclusion as well as performance

All staff have attended training on co-operative games which have been introduced into lessons to support the schools ethos


Overall Impact

Physical activity is higher on the agenda then prior to the introduction of the Sports Premium and has a high profile within the school

We are very proud to be accredited with the Platinum School Games Award recognising our commitment to sport within the school and community. To view our Progression in PE document, please click here

Each week children report on their personal successes in sports clubs they attend out of school and this ensures a variety of sports are 'advertised' to the whole school population

There is a breadth of provision both within the main school curriculum and at after school clubs for example bell-boating, orienteering, tag-rugby, golf, cricket, football, hockey, Kho kho, multi-skills etc.

Healthy Activity Week every year involves local sports men and women who inspire the children and maintain interest in a variety of sports