Weekly Attendance & Punctuality

Every week at St Bartholomew's we celebrate our attendance achievements in assembly. 

Each class has an appointed  'Attendance Champion' who's job is to help their peers understand that 'good' attendance and punctuality is very important.



Attendance & Punctuality


Success is built on good habits, excellent attendance and punctuality is an integral part of a positive and successful education. These basics habits form the foundation of a successful day.

School starts at 8:30 AM and pupils must arrive by 8:40 AM to ensure they are not late for their classes.

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Every Student

Every Day

Our School attendance target is 96%



Reasons for Absence

Medical appointment such as doctor or dentist appointment for the pupil

Pupil is too unwell to attend school

Holidays during term time are not permitted

Looking after brothers and sisters


Impact of Absence from School

If the student’s attendance is 80% at the end of the academic year they will have missed the equivalent of 8 weeks of schooling and 200 hours of lessons!


Stages of Attendance

If you fall into the red category, there is the possibility that you may be referred to the local authority. This can result in a court hearing and a possible fine, community order or custodial sentence.