School Catering

All children in the Reception Class and in Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a school meal under the Government’s Universal Free School Meals offer.  This represents an annual cost of £400 per pupil.  We expect all parents to take advantage of this generous benefit.  As we are aware that children need sensitive support to try new tastes and textures our staff are skilled in helping children to adjust to having a meal outside of the home.

Our school meals are of a high standard and are cooked by AIP in the school kitchen, on site. The school has a large hall which is used as a dining room at lunchtime. Good manners are encouraged. Throughout the year parents are invited to eat with their children, for example on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

Our meals are freshly cooked on site by AIP and their staff work to ensure meal times are pleasant occasions where children are supported to eat well.  Other local schools also enjoy the quality of the food  produced here and AIP deliver meals to Lickhill Primary School, Wilden Primary School and Great Witley CE Primary School

Our School Meals

Our school meals are only made from...

produce sourced where possible from the local region and fresh fruit and vegetables delivered daily

produce free from additives associated with health problems in young children

fats free from hydrogenated oils

fats free from hydrogenated oils


Purchasing School Meals

School lunches cost £2.20 per day.

We have a three week menu cycle; our menu is changed every spring and autumn term to reflect the seasons and are written in consultation with pupils and the catering team.

Click here to view and download our latest menu!


Tuck is prepared on site daily by AIP..

Click here to view and download our latest tuck menu..

Tuck is served every day at break time

Bookings for tuck are made through Parent Pay no later than Friday the week before

Tuck costs 50pence per day and you can chose through Parent Pay which days you would like your child to have it