Handi App

HANDi App: Information and guidance on common childhood illnesses

The HANDi Paediatric app is now available to parents across Herefordshire and Worcestershire, free
to download onto any Apple device via the App Store or any Android device via the Google
Play Store. A poster advertising the app is available to download.

The HANDi Paediatric app, developed by NHS organisations across Worcestershire, provides advice
and support to parents and carers of children up to eleven years of age when their child is unwell. It
contains information about when and how to ask for help thereby giving parents more confidence
in dealing with minor childhood health care conditions.

The HANDi app offers simple and straightforward advice for the following conditions in children:

• Diarrhoea and vomiting
• High temperature
• ‘chesty baby’ illnesses, such as bronchiolitis, asthma, and croup
• ‘chesty child’ illnesses such as wheezing and asthma
• Abdominal pain
• Common newborn problems.