Windmill learning opportunity for Stourport School

Reported in The shuttle 17th September 2022

A UNIQUE eco-friendly learning resource has been built by pupils at a Stourport school, with support from staff and a local business, recognising the heritage of the area.

The wooden windmill is the latest addition to the grounds of St Bartholomew’s CE Primary School, Areley Kings, which opened in 2007 on the site of the former Windmill Middle and First Schools.

It has been built by pupils under the guidance of Thrive and Alternative Curriculum leader Michelle Moseley and site manager Andy Williams, who helped them measure, buy and build the structure, which features a winding handle for pupils to turn the sails.

A “teach to read” clock on the side of the windmill will be powered by a solar panel installed by STEM ambassadors, electrical engineer Karl Pedley and design engineer Tim Tranter from Morgan Advanced Materials.

They are also preparing to deliver a STEM project to all of year 4 to design, build, test, evaluate and launch water rockets later this term.

Ian James, headteacher, said: “The windmill is a fantastic aid to learning – design and build, how to make the sails turn, how solar power works and the importance of renewable energy, plus helping our youngest children learn to tell the time.

“We are indebted to Morgan’s staff for their work on this and the upcoming water rockets project, bringing science to life for our pupils. I know it took a significant amount of research to find a solar panel just right to power the clock and we are very grateful.

“The windmill is also an important link with the previous schools that stood on this site, named after an historic building, dating from 1779, which can still be seen from our grounds.”